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5-Digit ZIP Codes
A single source for postal data, with products for over 200 countries

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Pitney Bowes Software's Postal Data provides the most current cartographic representation of postal code information for hundreds of countries worldwide.

The latest postal data is critical to many of the applications that enable your organization to use location intelligence for decision-making and planning.

All postal data is attributed with names and official descriptions including local language names.

Align postal data with StreetPro®, MapMarker® Plus and Census boundary products for better analysis and presentation maps.

Refine analysis and mapping with postal data

  • Assist multinational business analyses with global coverage

  • Capture the correct locations with up-to-date postal points

  • Maintain consistent styles and formats across many countries

Share location intelligence across your organization

  • Use postal data in stand-alone applications or geocoding solutions

  • Create applications to locate, visualize, and analyze geographic data

  • Seamless integration with StreetPro, MapMarker and Envinsa®

5 Digit ZIP Codes Includes current cartographic information available on U.S. Postal Service 5-Digit ZIP Codes

5-Digit ZIP Codes contain the ZIP Codes for the entire U.S. and Puerto Rico. It also includes changes that have occurred within the preceding quarter.

This product comes with three ZIP code table options for optimum performance for your particular application:

  • Combined boundary and point table optimal for geocoding

  • Separate boundary table optimal for thematic shading and creating territories

  • Separate point table to easily view all point ZIP Codes

The 5-Digit ZIP Code Boundaries file has internal water boundaries represented as holes for more detail and accuracy.

ZIP +4 Centroids Identifies more than 60 million deliverable USPS ZIP+4's and correlates this information to U.S. Census block data.

Carrier Routes A cartographic representation of United States Postal Service® (USPS®) Carrier Routes and ZIP Code areas. Carrier Routes are delivery areas for mail carriers.

Enhanced Postal Code Conversion File This file enables users to locate customers quickly and easily by linking a postal code point to the most representative ground location.

Units of geography

U.S.; State

Geographic coverage

50 States; D.C.; Puerto Rico


Updated Quarterly




Tele Atlas


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