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Google Earth Enterprise
The ultimate geo mashup platform

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Bring the power of Google Earth and Maps to your internal organization

Google Earth Enterprise helps organizations with imagery, basemap, and other mapping data make that information accessible and useful to decision makers and front-line employees via an intuitive, visual, and fast application.

Empower employees and customers to make the right decisions with a fast,familiar, easy-to-use visualization tool. Google Earth Enterprise is the ultimate geo mashup platform. Beyond simple KML, Google Earth Enterprise enables you to build 2D and 3D mapping applications with imagery, terrain, live feeds, and POI data. Google Earth Enterprise adds value to your existing GIS systems by making the data available to non-GIS users. Google Earth Enterprise can incorporate available data from ESRI, Oracle, MapInfo, and more.



Expose your data in multiple ways using the Google Earth and Maps APIs

For compelling and secure 3D views, deliver your entire catalog of mapping data using Google Earth Enterprise and the Google Earth API. Increase transparency and access to your organization's data by easily embedding Google Maps and Google Earth globes in your organization's website or portal. For seamless 2D maps viewable in a browser, build your GIS data into seamless maps with the Google Maps API. Leverage Google's database by overlaying your geospatial data on top of Google Maps or Google Earth.

Build and publish as many maps and globes as your organization requires

Keep sensitive data published to a map or globe and served behind a firewall for only authorized people to view. Or create Google Earths and Maps to embed in your public-facing portals.

Google Earth Enterprise key features include:

  • Ease of use. Let users view and understand data in Google Earth and Maps, regardless of technical knowledge

  • Offline capabilities. View globes wherever you are, even where there is no internet connection

  • Secure and private. Keep internal map data secure and protected from unauthorized access

  • Searchable. If desired, allow users to query your organization's geospatial data and view relevant results on the globe or map




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