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NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns
Comprehensive coverage of typical traffic congestion

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NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns are a measure of typical traffic flow for a specific road and time, and is the foundation for predictive traffic.

Use NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns for:

  • More accurate route planning
  • Improve trip time estimates based on likely traffic conditions
  • Efficient route optimization
  • In vehicle or LBS navigation applications


NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns, a database of typical traffic speeds on over 170,000 miles of primary and secondary roads across major US cities, including interconnecting highways. It delivers useful, accurate, and typically attainable speeds.

NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns is a NAVTEQ map attribute in a look-aside table referenced to TMC codes. It features normal and likely travel flow velocity estimates at 1/4 hour increments based on vehicle speed and travel patterns for:

  • Monday through Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday through Sunday

NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns is a tabular file and does not include geometry. It must be used in conjunction with NAVTEQ NAVSTREETS Premium for routing and mapping purposes.

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