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GeoPinPoint (Canada)
High-end geocoding for Canada

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GeoPinpoint™ adds explicit location references to your data using a process called address geocoding. Address geocoding attaches latitude and longitude coordinates to your facility, customer or prospect address data for map visualization, analysis or location based applications.

Built specifically to handle the unique nuances of Canadian addressing, the GeoPinpoint™ software can process your data for a powerful assortment of marketing and operational applications.

The GeoPinpoint is geocoding millions of records each year and is applying an advanced address-parsing technology ensuring superior match rates even with the most incomplete data. GeoPinpoint's innovative modular design allows the software to encompass future enhancements without jeopardizing its performance or usability. GeoPinpoint’s foundation is built from Canada's most comprehensive and complete street address network - CanMap® Streetfiles.



  • Extreme Match Rates - using the most complete Canadian georeference database, advanced address handling, parsing and matching algorithms get you the highest geocoding rates in the industry.
  • Urban and Rural Handling - recognize and intelligently handle rural postal code values and alter the geocoding hierarchy various geographic units bested suite to your application and desired outcomes.
  • Fast Processing - single pass of a database, eliminating multiple lookups and reducing processing.
  • Usability (Batch or Interactive) - as a batch solution or for use in a real-time environment to correct and geocode at the time of data entry.


Desktop software for Windows
API software for Java, Unix, Linux and ActiveX