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GroundView Demographic Data
Accuracy from the ground up

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Pitney Bowes Software is infusing its next generation demographics, GroundView, with MicroBuild® data from The Gadberry Group.

GroundView demographics, powered by MicroBuild, are based on household-level information for maximum reliability and updated on a quarterly basis to ensure that you have the most up-to-date data on rapidly changing markets.

Pitney Bowes Software household geodemographics provide recency and depth of household demographics in a census standardized format and for census geographies, beginning at the census block level. Our next generation demographics are compatible with all Pitney Bowes Software software applications so you can leverage the value of this new demographic data while using your preferred analytic platform.

Key features:

* Micro-to-Macro : Built from the ground up using household-level demographics

* Current : Quarterly updates to critical population and household trends

* Comprehensive : Includes a complete suite of demographic variables, including age, income, sex, race and ethnicity, marital status, and much more

* Innovative : Multi-source build process that marries the "best" of household-level information, Postal delivery statistics, and U.S. Census estimates

* Precise : Available at Block level aggregations and above

* Integrated : Fully integrated with Pitney Bowes Software software, analytics and services


GroundView is distributed in a series of themed modules that address critical demographic, socio-economic and consumer expenditure metrics. Modules:

* Age by Income

* Housing Units

* Age by Race by Sex

* Home Value

* Age by Sex

* Occupation & Employment

* Best of 1990

* Race Hispanic Detail

* Consumer Potential Detail

* Retail Sales Potential

* Cultural Background

* Update

* Detailed Income

* Puerto Rico Module

* Financial Assets & Wealth

* GroundView next generation demographics are available in several delivery mechanisms:

* Stand-alone databases

* TargetPro U.S.

* AnySite

* AnySite Online

* Pitney Bowes Software Analytical Services