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Financial PSYTE US & Canada
Financial PSYTE US & Canada for Financial Services

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The Financial PSYTE® geodemographic segmentation system classifies American and Canadian neighborhoods into 14 distinctive types of clusters based on the financial characteristics and behaviors of the residents. Each cluster has a name that triggers images of economic status, occupation and the types of financial products and services that consumers in a particular cluster would purchase. It allows for easy identification of new target groups based on financial condition and behaviors such as investing, saving and use of credit.

Location-Based Analysis

Using Financial PSYTE, you can model your best customers and map the neighborhoods where they and others like them live. You have the unique ability to integrate your own sales records, campaign histories, survey data and more – greatly increasing your ability to analyze and predict consumer behavior.

Targeted Marketing

As a marketer, you can identify and model your best customers and profile customers based on demographic and lifestyle attributes, media and consumption preferences to tightly target your advertising, direct mail and other marketing programs to specific prospects who are most likely to utilize products/services