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HERE Geocoding & Search enables the creation of location-based applications to enhance and personalize users’ search experience. Users can search locally in a daily updated database of geopositions, points of interest (POIs), and geocoded addresses in over 400 categories at different geographic levels (house number, street, city, state, zip code).

With autosuggest, a function integrated with search and geocoding queries, users receive automated suggestions of results and useful insights faster while typing structured, unstructured, or hybrid character strings. As a result, even if the query is incomplete or partially incorrect, you’ll still be able to find the geocoordinates of a known address, place, locality, or administrative area.

In addition, it is easy to request a reverse geocode to locate the nearest address using either map coordinates or a selected point on a map. Users will also be able to search for locations by including parameters such as category (food, airport, park, etc.) and view the details of each location by ID.

Benefits of HERE Geocoding & Search

Extensive coverage

HERE Geocoding & Search includes house number level data with navigable and display positions in more than 100 countries and territories. In these countries, you get accurate results with continuously updated automotive-grade maps, point-addressing precision for 270 million addresses in 70 countries, and address range-based interpolation and extrapolation in other regions.

Address formats recognition

This product differentiates address formats between countries and will output localized address labels. It supports multiple languages and writing scripts. It includes many advanced options, such as result scoring and spatial filters, as well as the inclusion of additional data within the results — e.g., postal code shapes, cross-streets, or administrative IDs.

Adding your data

You can add your own POIs and business datasets to your map search infrastructure and location-based queries, giving you enhanced flexibility and customization while providing more relevant results to your end users.

Functionalities of HERE Geocoding & Search

Forward geocoding

Forward geocoding provides a high-accuracy mapping of display or navigation positions in 196 countries worldwide. You can enter a structured or freeform text address to get results sorted by relevance or proximity.

Geocoding is the process of taking a string of text, such as an address, and returning the geographic coordinate pair of latitude and longitude.

Reverse geocoding

Reverse geocoding answers the question ‘’what’s here?’’ and is used when tracking and managing mobile assets such as vehicles, freight, or workforce. Reverse geocoding results include the closest street addresses or area information according to the geographic coordinates, location, and underlying map data. The results are ranked by proximity to the input location or to a single area.

Batch geocoding

The HERE Batch Geocoder allows you to upload multiple addresses in a single file for geocoding. One transaction equals the number of geocoding requests made within a batch geocoding request.

Search data and locations

Explore a rich global database of over 120 million locations and 400 million addresses updated daily, as well as third-party datasets from Tripadvisor, for example. Interact with Places attributes that cover information from name and category to price range, contact and URLs.

Retrieve geocoding and search results individually for any HERE location identifier. This provides a unique ID for each location or location object in the dataset.

Autosuggest places

Get better suggestions with fewer keystrokes for locations, addresses, and string or category queries, as well as search text matches with or without spatial filters.

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