Geospatial for retail business

Choose a solution that keeps pace with modern consumers

For retailers, investing in geospatial is essential for ensuring the company’s sustainability.

Geospatial for retail business

Here’s how we support retail chains in their digital transformation:

Site Location

In retail, you have to recognize opportunities at the right time.

Do you want to open, reorganize or relocate a store? With geospatial solutions you can evaluate land availability, create suitability models and quickly anticipate store performance.

Seize opportunities before they slip through your fingers: Geospatial solutions make it easy to visualize hidden trends related to your sales data, your customers and your competitors.

Market Research

Knowing your customers and their habits is absolutely essential.

Geospatial solutions enable you to discover potential new markets and accelerate your conversion rates by enriching your information with demographic, segmentation and socio-economic background data.

Find answers to questions you’ve always asked yourself: Where are my best customers? Where can I find markets with similar conditions? How far are customers willing to travel to shop at my store?


Retailers need to understand how physical and digital channels compete with each other, but also how they complement each other.

Geospatial solutions enable retailers to analyze social media, online purchasing, loyalty programs and in-store POS systems to help them find the right balance between their various channels.

Offer current customers the best buying experience while encouraging them to spend more.

Pricing Policy

Customer preferences vary depending on where they are.

Use geospatial solutions to make sure you have the right product in the right place at the right price to boost your sales and maximize space allocation in the store.

Meet your customers’ expectations: Use geospatial data to make sure you are always offering the right products at the right price according to the point of sale.

Supply Chain

The profitability of a supply chain depends on allocating the right resources to the right places.

Geospatial solutions give you the tools you need to track your supply chain, establish efficient routes, and improve scheduling to ensure accurate and timely deliveries.

Increase reliability while keeping costs to a minimum and design your network to optimize product handling for significant cost savings.

Real estate operations

As a retail business owner, to make better decisions, you need to monitor the variables that influence your market regularly.

With geospatial solutions, you can monitor key performance indicators for your store operations, compare them with results from competing stores in the same segment, and distribute this information throughout the organization.

Adapt your exit strategies and identify branches that should be closed: When the market is changing, geospatial solutions can help you.

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For each company closing stores, 2.7 are opening stores.

Source: IHL Group, Company Reports

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