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More powerful visualization and performance

Intuitive design for greater productivity

Easier to learn, use and upgrade

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Visualize, create and share with more power

With support for massive files, outstanding platform stability and award-winning raster capabilities,
you can create your most powerful visualizations and spatial analytics.

Web services for drive times and geocoding

Online drive-time and geocoding services require no installation or up-front investment. These pay-as-you-go web services make it easy to geocode tables of addresses and generate drive-time or drive-distance boundaries quickly.

Bigger data files

Work with large TAB files to tackle your big data challenges. Visualize information across nations and continents with no need to divide data into multiple tables.

Improved performance

A smarter way of managing indices on TAB files makes deleting tables and updating operations faster. The speed of queries and selections is significantly faster, especially when dealing with large numbers of records. Perform multiple operations in the background, leaving MapInfo Pro™ free for continued use while the operation is being run.

Smarter in every way possible

Navigate in fewer clicks, create visualizations with less editing and generate
powerful spatial analytics with greater confidence.


New customization options let you optimize ribbon, menus and mini-toolbars making it easier to explore your data interactively and work more efficiently.

Advanced raster

The multi-resolution raster (MRR) file format in MapInfo Pro Advanced can handle massive datasets, rendering terabyte-scale images with amazing speed. It can process MRR files in the background, allowing you to use the full MapInfo Pro capabilities while running large raster operations.

Interactive individual value, graduated and ranged themes

Establish and manipulate themes to create customized views. Thematic mapping displays include interactive drop-down menus that allow you to change theme variables. You can turn ranges or values on and off with check-box ease.

Easier to use, learn and upgrade

Start faster with easy-to-follow tools, how-to articles and video tutorials.
Navigate, locate, save and share with greater speed.

Quick search windows

Quick search windows simplify the transition from earlier versions of MapInfo Pro.
Just type in what you’re looking for: the quick search shows you the corresponding commands
on the navigation ribbon and launches commands for you. It’s a simple way to become familiar
with the intuitive ribbon interface and its benefits.

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