Geospatial for insurance

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Geospatial for insurance

Here's how we support insurance companies in their digital transformation:

Single view of client

Even if your business operates in silos, your data doesn’t have to.

Address management solutions extract customer data from different systems, clean up and standardize address records, then share them throughout the organization.

As a result, customer data becomes more reliable and more detailed than ever: An undeniable competitive advantage for your business.

Market research

Using spreadsheets to define territories and assess the impact of changes is a complex task.

With geospatial solutions you can visualize, analyze, target and adapt your campaigns. You can also increase your conversion rates, find new business opportunities and ultimately increase your market share.


Usage-based auto insurance paves the way for new underwriting models that assess the individual’s driving behavior compared to other drivers.

Telematics data enriched with geospatial elements – such as poor weather and road conditions, speed limits and much more – improve risk management and road safety.

Your analysis therefore becomes very precise.

Underwriting and Pricing

It’s impossible to predict where or when floods or natural disasters will occur. However, threats posed by these phenomena can be mitigated.

Geospatial solutions give you access to a specific address and check the insurance contract, claim history, type of building construction and inspection records.

This information leads to better estimates and pricing for higher-risk areas.

Claims Management

The moment of truth in the insurer-insured relationship arises when a claim is processed.

Take advantage of geospatial technology to find the most equitable solutions and improve your claims management practices.

This way, you achieve two objectives: A superior customer experience and better cost management, which minimizes the risks of loss.

Fraud detection

Make geospatial solutions your secret weapon for protecting and defending yourself and reacting quickly to cases of fraud.

Geospatial analysis helps identify unusual trends faster than ever and to visually detect irregularities.

It therefore protects insurance companies from the economic consequences of fraud.

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