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System Integration

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Korem’s system integration team consists of architects, GIS developers, data engineers, DevOps engineers, full-stack developers, QA specialists and project managers.

This team is the backbone of our services in geospatial and IT management. We can integrate geospatial capabilities into your CRM or ERP, personalize a solution, or build a fully customized application. Beyond technology, we understand your business and care about your success.

For a project with a tight schedule and complex integration or for a much larger initiative split into short sprints, the team has the project management and development skills to get you where you want to be.

Absence of a reliable system integrator is often cited as the main obstacle to successful geospatial projects

$97 million

The amount wasted by organizations for every $1 billion invested, due to poor project performance.



of users are frustrated at the speed their organizations’ IT department can deliver digital projects.

- Mulesoft

1 in 6

IT projects have a cost overrun of 200%.


What we do to ensure the interoperability of your systems

quick start geospatial project

Quick Start Project

When you acquire a new technology, we can accelerate the time to value by helping your IT and business teams in the deployment, training, and adoption of best practices.

Data Integration

Benefit from our unparalleled expertise in integration, optimization and operationalization of data, regardless of the data sources or the complexity of your business logic.

geospatial enterprise integration

Enterprise Integration

We provide integration services for any enterprise platform, database, CRM and ERP applications, or cutting-edge on-premise or cloud technologies such as DataBricks, Snowflake and Splunk.

custom GIS solution

Custom Solution

Every client is unique. We adapt to your specific needs and requirements. Whether it is for a mobile, Web or hybrid solution development, you’ll get an agile and dedicated team.

Some of our favorite technologies

We have the knowledge, the methodology and the development technology stack to build quality solutions that integrate with any of your in-house technologies.

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