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Korem's Strategic Consulting Services

Management Consulting

We provide business and technology perspectives to develop an innovative geospatial roadmap that will create value for your organization.

Korem's Contract Advisory Services

Contract Management

We give you access to the best geospatial providers for which we already have negotiated the best prices and contract terms.

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Data and Analytics

As the most diversified geospatial expert team in North America, we can bring your team quickly up-to-speed or extend your team’s capacity.

Korem's System Integration Services

System Integration

Whether you are looking at geospatial enablement or for fully customized application, we deliver on time, on budget and on target.

Korem's Managed Services

Managed Services

We complement your in-house IT operations to accelerate your time to value and maintain your geospatial solution in a cloud or hybrid environment.

We only work with the best geospatial data and software solution providers

Why work with Korem

Helping you navigate the complex landscape of geospatial intelligence

Korem stands out from the competition through the expertise and experience of its multidisciplinary team of strategic advisors, integrators and consultants that ensure a perfect match between the possibilities offered by the various solutions and our clients’ business needs.

Our geospatial expertise includes geospatial data integration, geospatial analysis and visualization, geocoding and address management and enterprise solutions.

Always listening to our customers from various industries such as insurance, retail, banking, real estate, utilities, telecommunications and transportation, we understand that the value of a company cannot be based solely on technology.

Our team is driven by innovation and creativity which allow us to solve our customer’s problems and get the expected results.

We have built our organization around the idea of people helping people to achieve their business objectives and create value.

Our employees and customers are our greatest asset and the foundation of our success.

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The Increasing Complexity of Sourcing High-Accuracy, Sensitive Data

Gabrielle Lebrun|July 28, 2022

Data collection is not always done in a transparent manner, and sometimes doesn’t respect confidentiality and privacy considerations. That is why it is in the best interest of organizations to deal with a neutral specialist who can provide advice on sensitive data.

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EV Charging Stations Will Challenge Retailer’s Brand Identities

Joe Francica|July 6, 2022

Currently, EV charging stations are popping up at hotels, malls, and restaurants. This is already transforming trade areas for both fuel retailers and the places where consumers stop for longer periods of time than they would to gas up their ICE cars.

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Last-Mile Delivery Route Optimization with Real-Time Data and Route Planning Applications

Gabrielle Lebrun|June 13, 2022

Having route optimization software is the best way to solve the majority of problems encountered by last-mile delivery providers, whether in terms of efficiency, costs, or customer satisfaction.

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I heard multiple positive comments from Shell’s IT team about Korem’s professionalism and competence leading to delivery beyond expectations. Your communication, project management and overall quality of the delivered solution was impressive.
You are recognized as a premier partner, standing out amongst Shell’s 3rd party vendors.

Michael Zoretic
General Manager of North America, Shell

Very happy with the Korem team, excellent commitment to delivering our project. We would recommend Korem for their quality and ability to hit milestones!

Pierce Bowden
Senior Director, Bell

We have been very impressed with the level of service and support that Korem has provided. From start to finish they were ready and available to help during our project. We highly recommend Korem as a geocoding/mapping solution.

Jonah Ungacta
CIO, Collateral Analytics

The Korem team has been able to identify our needs and find the best combination of solutions for us. In addition, trust was quickly established between the two parties.

Francis Dufresne
Legal Affairs Director, Groupe Dufresne

I would recommend Korem for its GIS expertise and responsive service team. Korem enabled us to visualize core data in an engaging way that created a common tool for communicating the location of our assets to our global employees.

Keith Larsen
VP, Prologis

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