In 1993, Precisely MapInfo was Korem’s first flagship product.

Today, Korem is one of Precisely’s
largest global partners.

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Together, we help them make better business decisions.

Everyone, every place, everything is addressable.

Would you have imagined a decade ago that Precisely, formerly Pitney Bowes would become a company supporting the top social networks like Twitter or that it would be enabling eBay’s customers to ship the goods they buy and sell from anywhere in the world?

Today, Precisely has more knowledge around the address than any other company in the world.

It’s no wonder that Forrester has recognized Precisely as being a leader in Location Intelligence.

Without Korem

  • Highest Current offering in the evaluated vendors.
  • Partner ecosystem not as strong as some of the others.
  • Integration and Supporting service capabilities not as strong as some of the others.

With Korem

  • Still get the best ranked Location Intelligence Platform.
  • Have access to the largest and most diversified portfolio of geospatial products in the marketplace.
  • We have the most talented and certified team in North America, mitigating project risks and accelerating time to value.

With so many potential opportunities, the key for every enterprise and organization is to explore location intelligence now.

Precisely and Korem have partnered and together, we deliver a comprehensive and scalable set of spatial analytics capabilities that both GIS power users and operational users requires to make the best business decisions.

Let's hear from them

For over 25 years, Korem has been a trusted partner for Precisely and continues to invest our partnership as the Software and Data Master Partner in Canada. As Precisely continues to grow its leadership position in the Data Integrity space, Korem will help lead the way within our partner community.

Samir Joglekar

Chief Revenue Officer at Precisely

Samir Joglekar
With their in-depth experience of Precisely Location Intelligence and Data products, Korem has proven capabilities and capacity to help Precisely expand into new market segments while pushing boundaries to deliver enhanced value to customers.

Shannon McWilliams

SVP Global Channels and Partner Sales at Precisely

Shannon McWilliams
We value Korem’s partnership more today than ever for their technical abilities, knowledge of vertical industry challenges and open approach to sharing client insights so that we can continue to innovate together.

Clarence Hempfield

Vice President of Product Management, Location Intelligence

Clarence Hempfield
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