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Geospatial Center of Excellence and Innovation

Fostering innovation through knowledge sharing and trailblazing technology

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Center of Excellence and Innovation

In response to the rapid evolution of geospatial technologies, the market landscape, and the needs of its clients’ industries, Korem has implemented a Center of Excellence and Innovation (CEI) based on its vast experience in the geospatial field.

The mission of the CEI is to contribute to the development and refinement of our technology and expertise, as well as the mastery our partners portfolios, all to accelerate the pace of our innovations and the go-to-market of bold solutions. The ultimate goal is to generate value for our customers, our employees, and our partners.

We firmly believe that technology and expertise cannot be dissociated from each other. Therefore, the CEI is both a center of excellence that supports employees in implementing and evolving best practices and an innovation center that allows experimentation in order to bring new offerings and solutions to geospatial technology consumers.


By building a multidisciplinary team with complementary expertise that collaborates within the CEI, we are able to generate more value.”
–Jonathan Houde, VP Business Solutions and Technologies

Korem Center of excellence and innovation

The pillars of our CEI

The CEI is built on four pillars to provide our clients with innovative services and solutions:

The Center of Excellence

The CEI’s role as a Center of Excellence (CoE) is to support the development of our emerging practices and the continuous improvement and evolution of our more mature ones. The purpose of its creation is to build a solid foundation within our workforce to guide our clients and empower their teams.

Carrying the title of “Geospatial Experts” motivates us as an organization to keep our commitment to providing all our employees with ongoing training to increase their knowledge of not only the technologies but also our clients’ business areas. Through this knowledge sharing, they can then play an advisory role with customers and be a reference in the market. The Center of Excellence centralizes resources to contribute to the understanding of geospatial technology and to multiply the sum of our expertise, which in turn enables better dissemination of information. Our blog, webinars and podcast are our way of sharing knowledge with the public.

Being an expertise-based company also implies that our talent, which comes from multiple sectors not limited to geospatial, is the key factor in our success and credibility. We can’t say it enough: our employees are, along with our partners and customers, our greatest asset. This is why we place particular importance on their growth and development, and give them access to all the tools they need. In order to redistribute knowledge and increase common expertise, we rely on a hybrid training program that combines training with internal and external resources on geospatial technology and its industries, as well as on our partners and their products.


The Center of Innovation

The CEI’s role as a Center of Innovation (CoI) is to ensure that the company is constantly at the cutting edge of technology through business and technology intelligence, and to continually develop new and innovative solutions in response to market changes.

As a one-stop shop, Korem operates in very diverse technology ecosystems, not only from a large portfolio of products provided by various partners, but also through the technology stack of our offers, be it tools required for Data as a Service, Systems Integration, Managed Services, or customer technology ecosystems.

Market and technology watch help us anticipate future needs and drive innovation. Among these, we can consider geospatial pricing accuracy, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) for telecom, and telematics for insurance. We can also think about advanced site performance modeling using mobile footfall data for retail. These activities fuel our offerings, whether it’s strategic consulting, cloud-managed services, consideration of new data partners, or implementation of Data as a Service (DaaS) using new technology like Databricks.

“Innovation can occur anywhere, anytime, and from anyone, but to get the most value from it, it is essential to build a frame to align, test and deploy it.”
–Jimmy Duchesne, CEI Director

Market Watch

By being experts in our field of activity and by keeping abreast of trends in geospatial technologies, our target industries and our partners, we can prioritize work on certain innovations. Our market watch allows us to feed our consulting services and influence our partners’ strategic plans and roadmaps.

Experimentation and Innovation poles

Korem’s experimentation and innovation poles are based on specific themes and aim at designing and implementing the technological components of our solutions. This is where the very first steps of our innovation occur, and where Korem aligns business intelligence data to prioritize proofs of concepts that will eventually become new Korem offerings or solutions.

These poles can also be seen as places where ideas are generated and where we quickly validate their value-creating potential. With the resulting new, tested and proven solutions, our clients can accelerate the time-to-value and reduce the risks associated with the integration and use of geospatial technology and data.

Our current innovation poles:

  • GIS Data Processing and DataOps
  • Cloud and Cloud-Native
  • Geo Analytics and Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Web Mapping
  • Big Data and IoT
  • Security and Automation

The Korem Lab

The Korem LAB enables us to open the doors of the CEI to our clients, who then have the opportunity to experiment and test the geospatial terrain before we engage in the development of their solution. For example, by building a proof of concept, we can efficiently confirm the feasibility of an experimental technology approach and the infrastructure requirements based on performance requirements, which greatly reduces our clients’ risk.