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Korem scope of support

What is included in Korem’s scope of technical support?

Korem technical support is included in addition to the vendor’s existing support purchased with your product & data maintenance.

Korem Technical Support covers non-critical issues for all its customers including:

  • Download, installation, and licensing of products and data provided by Korem
  • Configuration: support for configuration includes troubleshooting configuration settings for existing installations to ensure proper operation and data connectivity
  • Standard product functionality usage

What is outside of Korem’s scope of technical support?

Korem technical support does not include:

  • Data accuracy problems: Due to the complexity and sophistication of datasets, Korem cannot be responsible for the accuracy of individual data elements in data products. Korem support is limited to investigating the data with the customer, basic data validation, documentation references and reporting identified errors and omissions to the specific vendor. Korem strongly encourages users to report any problems found in a data product to the vendor in order for them to address them in future data releases.

When to contact the Vendor technical support directly?

During business hours, customers with support cases should contact Korem first. Our Support team has an understanding of your licensed products and how you use them. Depending on your support request type, Korem has many resources to pull from, and we can make sure the right person is involved to help you resolve your support case.

Korem also has many communication channels and escalation paths with each vendor, including a direct line with Partner Managers and dedicated vendor products. When needed, these resources help escalate your support case faster than using the usual vendor support channels.

I have an enterprise geospatial application hosted by Korem, do I have access to the same level of software support?

Your service-level agreement (SLA) covers your application environment and you have access to IT support. Software that is not included or mentioned in your SLA is not covered. Please refer to your SLA for details.

Creating a Korem support case

For which languages does Korem provide support?

Korem provides support in French and English.

What information should I include in my support request for a fast and efficient treatment?

Make sure to include as much information as possible in your request such as:

Contact information

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Issue details

  • Information on the Product or the data you need support on (name, version)
  • Problem description:
    • In what context does the problem occur?
    • What happened and what should have happened?
    • Did the problem occur once or multiple times?
    • Is the problem erratic or consistent?
    • What are the exact error messages?
    • Data inaccuracy details (ID, location, attributes, etc.)

Additional material that could help us

  • Attachments (screen shots, licenses, etc.) that could help improve communication efficiency or provide context for the support case
  • Links

How do I share extra-large files with Support?

Our email can handle attachment size up to 10MB. We also have the ability to create secure SFTP with credentials so we can exchange bigger datasets.

Is there a limit to the number of support cases I can open?

There is no limit to the number of support cases you can open with Korem. However, we strongly suggest that you consult our partners’ knowledge bases and web communities as they may have answers.

When can I expect a response if a critical case is reported near the end of business hours?

Korem provides support during business hours only, but we’ll make sure to contact you early in the morning the next day if your case is urgent. Otherwise, we strongly recommend that you contact the vendors directly and encourage you to copy Korem in your request.

Does Korem offers on-site support?

Korem usually provides support remotely, but in certain cases, Korem can travel on-site. If you require resources in your office, please contact us and we will set up an initial phone meeting to assess your needs.

What tool does Korem use to handle support requests?

Korem uses Jira Service desk. Jira helps keep track of every support request and allows multiple internal users to access, support and answer your submitted requests.


I have a billing issue. Whom should I contact?

Billing issues should be handled with your Korem account manager.

Korem Training & Resources

What paid resources are available for in-depth and tailored assistance?

Korem has a qualified Professional Service team ready to provide training, Geospatial Health Checks and Quick starts on many software we resell.

In specific cases, Korem offers expert advisory services such as training, “Quick starts” and “Location Intelligence Health checks” to train your technical resources.

Precisely Resources (documentation, training, community)

What support material does Precisely provide?

The following are useful links with Precisely’s contact information and support level agreement (SLA).

Precisely’s Technical Support & Client Service Contacts

Precisely’s Case Management

Precisely’s Support Handbook

Does Precisely have an online user Community?

Yes, Precisely has an online community to help you get the most of your geospatial products.

Where can I find documentation on geospatial products and data?

Precisely maintains the documentation on this page.

Precisely Support

How do I contact Precisely Level 1 support?

You can log a new Level 1 technical support case for your product via the following three methods:

Sign in to your account and select the create case option

Call a WWSS representative at the global contact telephone number as listed on https://support.precisely.com/contact/

Send an email to software.support@precisely.com. Your case will be assigned to the appropriate support office.

How do I contact Precisely Level 2 support?

Level 2 support issues that are considered critical according to the service level agreement should be forwarded directly to Precisely by telephone. Find the number here.

Where can I find incident information, and operational status for Precisely API?

Precisely FAQ

I recently purchased the Location and Enrich API. Where can I find documentation?

Precisely APIs are designed to be smart and simple to use. All documentation can be found on this page.

Will geospatial product delivery be impacted after Pitney Bowes’ acquisition by Precisely?

There will be no immediate changes in the way you access products developed and delivered by Pitney Bowes. For more information, please visit the Precisely Product Delivery FAQ.

Will geospatial data delivery be impacted after Pitney Bowes’ acquisition by Precisely?

The Pitney Bowes “Data Guide” and “Software and Data Market place” have changed. Please refer to the Precisely Data FAQ.

I received a notice for the Spectrum OnDemand domain change, what are the impacts for my business?

All customers must apply the domain name change before September 30, 2020. See what next steps you should take to avoid an outage in this document.

Mapinfo Resources (documentation, training, community)

What type of support material is available for MapInfo?

MapInfo Pro Documentation can be found here.

Video tutorial: Software Technical Support

MapInfo FAQ

What versions of MapInfo does Korem support?

Korem supports all versions of MapInfo 11 and above. If you are using a version below MapInfo 11, Korem can set up a consultation to determine the best approach to support you.

Korem can also train customers looking to migrate their MapInfo workspaces to the 64-bit and new UI version of Mapinfo Pro.

I want a MapInfo training. What are my options?

You can connect with us at info@korem.com. Korem provides all types of support, including on-site and remote. Korem can address beginner training as well as advanced training on MapInfo. These can be arranged with your sales representatives.

My Bing Maps stopped working. What do I need to do?

If you are under the current version of MapInfo Pro, it may be a firewall issue. Check out this article that will guide you: Verifying functionality for Bing Maps within MapInfo Pro.

If you are running an older version of MapInfo, you need to install the annual fix in order to maintain your Bing Maps license. You need to download the proper patch depending on your MapInfo Pro version and you must be under maintenance to get access to the patch. Contact us at support@korem.com for more information.

Spectrum Resources (documentation, training, community)

Where can I find Spectrum documentation?

Spectrum documentation can be found here.

Where can I find out more about Spectrum Spatial and its extensibility?

The Spectrum spatial documentation can be found here.

Spectrum FAQ

How can I export my Spectrum license?

Follow this link to learn how to export a license form Spectrum.

My Spectrum Platform is locked, what do I do?

Spectrum™ Technology Platform locks user accounts after several unsuccessful login attempts. Please refer to this document to unlock your account.

HERE Resources (documentation, training, community)

Where can I find HERE documentation?

HERE documentation can be found on HERE Developer .

Where can I monitor the HERE Location Services status?

HERE services can be monitored on this page.

Where can I find information on Licensing, Terms and SLA?

This information can be found on HERE FAQ.


What happened to the HERE CIT environment?

On June 30th 2020, HERE deprecated the CIT environment. If you are experiencing some issues, please contact support@korem.com

How can I monitor the numbers of transactions I've used in my HERE project?

Log in into HERE developer account to monitor your usage. Korem can also help monitor your HERE usage making sure your organization does not exceed your credit consumption.

I found a data accuracy problem, how can I help fix that?

Due to the complexity and sophistication of datasets, Korem cannot be responsible for the accuracy of individual data elements in data products. Korem support is limited to investigating data with the customer, basic data validation, documentation reference and reporting of identified errors and omissions to the specific vendor. Korem strongly encourages you to report any problems found in a data product in order for them to be addressed in a future data release.

Google Resources (documentation, training, community)

Where can I learn more about the Google Maps API?

The official Google Maps Platform documentation page contains a lot of useful information.

I want a Google Map Platform training, what are my options?

Contact us at info@korem.com or contact your sales representative.

Google FAQ

Where can I see information about my GMP project?

By logging into Google Cloud Platform with your credentials, you can see information about your project. You can also add users so they can check the project information as well.

How can I see the permissions granted for my project?

In your Google Cloud Console:

Go to Navigation Menu > IAM & Admin > IAM

How can I create an API Key?

In your Google Cloud Console:

Go to Navigation Menu > APIs & Services > Credentials

Is there a waiting period before newly added URLs get implemented on the Application Restrictions?

There should be an approximately 10-minute delay before the new URLs get implemented. For more information about API key restrictions, you can refer to this page.

How can I set an API restriction for an API key?

You can follow the steps shown on the Google Maps Platform API key best practices page.

I noticed a missing place or an error on the map, can I report it to Google?

You can report an error via the “Send Feedback” option. For the full document, visit this page.

You can also add a missing place by following the steps detailed on this page.

Google Credit Usage

How is usage cost calculated?

Cost is calculated at the end of every day and is based on the Google Maps Platform Pricing Sheet.

How are map loads counted on the Google Maps Platform?

Please refer to the Google Maps Platform FAQ for an explanation about Map load counts.

How do I monitor my usage?

In your Google Cloud Console, you can access usage reports and information for your projects. For additional information, you can refer to the Usage limits and billing documentation.

Do I lose my credits if I did not use them all on the expiration date of my contract?

No, you will be able to use the Google Maps Platform’s APIs until you consume all of your credits.

What happens if my Google Maps Platform credits rise sharply over a period of time?

As long as your credit limit is not reached, nothing happens. Korem will also contact you if your credits reach a critical level of consumption.

What happens if I reach my credit limit before the end of my contract?

When the credit limit is reached, the service will be interrupted. You can also contact your Korem sales representative and proceed with an early renewal so that you can continue using the Google Maps Platform APIs.

Alteryx Resources (documentation, training, community)

Where can I find the Alteryx community?

The Alteryx community can be found on this page.

Where can I find Alteryx general documentation?

Alteryx documentation can be found on this page.

Alteryx Support

Does Korem provide Alteryx support, training and guided trial?

Yes, contact your sales representative or contact Korem info@korem.com for more information.

How can I transfer my Alteryx license to another machine?

The following steps should help you answer how to transfer or revoke your license.

What info can I get on the Alteryx license agreement?

You can find it on this page.