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Enterprise Solution

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all

Location intelligence is an important part of the digital transformation of businesses. Not all end users and departments have the same needs and skills. For GIS-savvy users, a geocentric solution may be the best solution, while other business users may be better served by a centralized geospatial platform that will allow geo-enablement of their existing systems.

By geo-enabling your systems—CRM, ERP or other industry-specific software—that have limited or no geospatial capabilities, you enable geospatial usage throughout your organization and break data silos. This geo-enablement involves bidirectional data integration and integrating geocoding, geoenrichment, geoprocessing or mapping capabilities that are then integrated through APIs within these software solutions.

Let us take you to the next level

When no out-of-the-box solution fits your business needs, Korem’s expertise with custom geospatial and Web mapping development can make the difference. Complete enterprise geospatial deployment usually requires a mix of data integration, geocoding and address management as well as geospatial analysis and visualization. The success of this implementation is not only related to choosing the best technology according to your needs, but also carefully choosing the geospatial partner that has the experience, understands your challenges and has the expert team to answer those challenges.

Find the expertise that is right for you

Korem’s approach as a geospatial partner and strategic advisor is to first evaluate your business needs, and then recommend a solution that can combine best-of-breed software, data, integration or customization services.

Our geospatial one-stop-shop allows us to support you at every step of the process, from solution ideation, product and data acquisition, contract management, implementation and integration, to the operationalization of the final enterprise solution.

We provide value for businesses in four areas of geospatial and data‑driven expertise.