Our customers and employees
are our greatest asset.

Elite partners

Since 1993, we have been creating strategic alliances with major players in the industry, such as Pitney Bowes, HERE, Google and many more!

Elite partners

Our vision:

To be North America's leading geospatial experts

How do we empower our customers to reach new heights?

  • We never lose sight of your business goals.
  • We offer innovative products (only the ones you need!) to optimize your decision-making and strategic processes.
  • Our greatest strength: the neutrality of our experts’ recommendations.
  • You save time and reduce costs and risks related to buying and integrating geospatial solutions.
  • In short, we deliver results that exceed your expectations.

“It’s very important for us to keep in touch with our customers and never lose sight of why they chose us in the first place.”

Sébastien Vachon

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Sébastien Vachon

Our management team


Sébastien Vachon

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Sébastien Vachon is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Korem. He provides the overall strategic orientations and supports the executive committee and all the employees in the delivery of our exceptional services. Since 1993, Sébastien has driven the company’s growth from a small start-up into a full-service experience enterprise with major league clients worldwide.

Sébastien is a solid and reputable entrepreneur whose leadership has enabled his team of experts to earn the trust of numerous clients with proven strategic advise in selecting and acquiring the best geospatial solutions of the industry to solve their business challenges and maximize their return of investment.

Sébastien strongly believes a company that is actively concerned with the well-being of its community gains its support, loyalty and esteem. That’s why he is actively involved not only in the economic development of the Quebec City region, as a mentor for IT start-ups, but also as a member of the Lauberivière Foundation’s Board of Directors. In addition, Sébastien is a generous donor who supports many causes in his community and region and also supports, through sponsorships, several conferences and events related to information technology.


Catherine Lessard

General Manager

In her role as General Manager, Catherine oversees the company’s efforts to develop talent and maintain our competitive leading position in North America. Throughout her career, she has helped peers and employees recognize their unique capabilities and position themselves as “A” players. She intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind through the organization and brings them together into a coherent whole.

She has a contagious enthusiasm and passionate belief in people that inspire them to become prouder, stronger, and more valuable contributors to the organization.

Prior to joining Korem Catherine was VP of business development for Citi Group Canada. She joined Korem in 2011 and has held the position of Sales Director and Vice President, Sales  prior to her nomination as General Manager in 2016.


Jean-Sébastien Guy


In his role, Jean-Sébastien is spearheading the strategic commercial development of Korem to further accelerate its already explosive growth. With over 15 years of experience in our field of expertise, Jean-Sébastien is the perfect administrator for successfully executing our business strategy and consolidating our position as a leading reseller of geospatial data and software.

His focus is to propel the company to even greater heights as it continues to expand its presence in the North American market. He has demonstrated, time and again, his talent as a unifying leader and possesses detailed knowledge of our industry as well as a natural ability to build and maintain lasting relationships.

Jean-Sébastien joined the Korem team in 2014. As a passionate team player who was respected and valued by everyone, he rapidly rose through the ranks and until now held the position of President of the company.


Jonathan Houde

VP Business Solutions and Technologies

Jonathan is responsible for technical leadership and innovation, further developing the company’s technical community, and aligning its software strategy, architecture and partner relationships to solve business challenges and deliver the best customer value. With his extensive experience across many different technologies, Jo and his team are able to build technology solutions for complex projects across different industries.

He is known for his ability to quickly identify customer requirements and translate them into recommendations and realizations that can range from simple “out of the box” technologies and data integration to very advanced custom developed solutions.

Jonathan started his career as a Software developer at Bell Canada. He has been working at Korem for 12 years, evolving from Developer to System Architect to Enterprise Solution Architect in most of Korem’s major accounts prior to his nomination as Vice President, Technology and Business Solutions, in October 2017.


Marise Drapeau

Vice President Finance

As the Chief Financial Officer, Marise plays a key role in the growth and development of Korem and works side by side with the management team to drive our great success. She faithfully monitors the financial health of the company and has a huge belief in empowering our employees to elevate their game.

Marise started her career as an auditor at KPMG in the large audits team, where she had the opportunity to work with multinational public companies. She also worked on strategic consulting mandates, where she implemented feasible restructuring plans to complex situations.

Marise has been with Korem since 2013, and has successfully held the positions of Controller and Finance Director prior to her nomination as Chief Financial Officer in October 2017.


Frédéric Pichette

Vice President Services

Frédéric is responsible for the delivery of our client’s projects. He contributes to the coordination of the different departments to ensure the projects developed by our Business Solutions team will exceed our client’s expectations. With nearly 20 years of management experience, he is also working on optimizing our way of working and improving our organizational structure in alignment with Korem’s strategic objectives.

Before joining our team, Frédéric has evolved as Director of R&D or Head of Engineering in various organizations, from SMB to multinationals, and also acted as coach for managers in the implementation of good management practices.


Jean-Sébastien Turcotte

Vice President

Mr. Turcotte has more than twenty years’ experience in information technologies, principally within the business intelligence and geospatial domains. As VP of US Region at Korem, Mr. Jean-Sebastien Turcotte is responsible for pursuing initiatives aimed at extending Korem’s positioning to become a leading North American geospatial data and software reseller and integrator of geospatial systems. Thanks to his involvement with important clients from the telecom industry, insurance and retail, Mr. Turcotte has gained a solid experience in the deployment of major projects involving dashboard integration and geospatial analytics.

Social responsibility at the heart of the company!

We truly believe that a company dedicated to the well-being of the community earns its support, loyalty and esteem. This is why we actively participate in the economic development of the Greater Quebec City area!

in Our Community

Our president has been a board member of the Lauberivière Foundation for several years. He is also involved with young entrepreneurs and participates in and supports many causes and business activities.

The Green

The “Green Machines” are the guardians of Korem’s environmental footprint. Thanks to their initiatives, all of our employees work together every day to take ecological, equitable and sustainable actions in our environment.

Cultural Diversity

Korem is proud to have employees from diverse cultural communities who are a great asset to our company. They all contribute their experiences, skills and cultural backgrounds, helping us increase our team’s potential for creativity and innovation.

Equality of Men and Women

At Korem, we are committed to ensuring that women feel as respected and valued as men. They are very well represented on the management team and have the same opportunities for advancement and development as their male colleagues.