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Data as a Service (DaaS)

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Data as a Service

How is Korem redefining Data as a Service?

Data as a service (DaaS) addresses convenience, ease of access, costs, and up-to-date data. While there are many variations of DaaS, such as data marketplaces or data web services, none of them provide a complete solution for organizations that don’t have the resources, time, and knowledge to assemble the puzzle themselves. Organizations must, therefore, combine both technology and expertise if they wish to truly become a data-driven company and extract the right insights.

Korem’s personalized DaaS model is flexible and agile to meet our client’s specific requirements. Through geospatial technology and our experts, we bridge the gap between what is available in terms of data and what clients need to achieve the desired business outcome in a shorter time to value.

A simple data sourcing approach

Save time and energy by having access to multiple data vendors in one place. With Korem, you get the data you need, in the format that addresses your business objectives.

Advice on the best-suited data for you

Our team of experts is here to help you explore and understand the data landscape that can meet your business needs. We assist you in the procurement phase by comparing and selecting the right data types and providers for your project.

Licensing compliance support

We help you understand the terms and conditions (T&Cs) associated with the datasets and, if necessary, negotiate new T&Cs with your chosen provider.

Better understanding of pricing models

We know that it is not easy to compare the various vendor pricing models, which can make a big difference in both the cost and limitations. Korem will make sure that your license model fits your needs throughout the evolution of your project.

Integration of multi-vendor datasets

We possess an extensive partner portfolio from which we can integrate multi-vendor datasets that perfectly match your needs, whether it is from raw data or using their data web service.

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Tailor-made data processing service

We provide you with the expertise and manpower, so you can use your time more efficiently to focus on value-added tasks, while we reduce time to value.

Qualified workforce

Spend less time understanding and processing data to get what you need, and more time getting the value from the data with our proven track record in building data workflows. We accelerate the speed at which you will have data ready to use.

Powerful tools

Handling massive amounts of data requires specific software solutions and hardware. We work with a full breadth of advanced GIS and data engineering tools and use Cloud and Big Data technologies that allow us to create complex workflows to process any type and amount of data, and transform it into virtually any desired format.

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Hassle-free data delivery and integration

We can integrate data in complex and diverse target environments. You decide the format, the frequency, and the type of update (incremental or complete).

Target platform of your choice

We can deliver data in any format or platform of choice. These include, but are not limited to, GIS files (Shapefile, ESRI FGDB, MapInfo TAB), standard flat files (CSV, XML), proprietary files (Oracle, Tableau) and Cloud Data Warehouse such as Snowflake or Databricks

Tailored data delivery process

You choose the data delivery method that works best for you and your current systems.

Our data delivery options:

  • Fully automated delivery: a fully automated process that provides monthly, weekly, daily, or on-demand data delivered directly into the target environment.
  • Semi-automated delivery: a customized data cut that extracts data from a specific area needed from a larger data set. The data cut is delivered in your preferred data format and integrated into your preferred platform.
  • Custom DaaS web service: a customized data flow created by Korem in a web service based on your requirements to enable you to consume the data on-demand.
  • Self-serve dataflow: a data flow implemented at a customer’s site, thereby providing full autonomy.

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