Geospatial for utilities

Greater peace of mind, even in emergencies.

Geospatial solutions provide you with the accurate information you need to respond as effectively as possible.

Geospatial for utilities

Here’s how we support the digital transformation of utilities:

Network Planning

Geospatial solutions help to prioritize network planning tasks and identify the optimum locations for the construction of new facilities. Conduct preventative maintenance by mapping and identifying potential dangers where weather conditions and vegetation growth impact the local community. Map right-of-way, property boundaries, building locations and the impact of regulatory guidelines.

Asset Management & Regulatory Compliance

Every physical asset has a location and understanding the condition of those assets helps utility planners to set maintenance schedules and manage critical infrastructure to contain costs. Geospatial solutions help to map and analyze the status of power assets.

View and process drone imagery to capture the condition of utility poles and transformers, and to make certain there is adequate separation between utilities lines for regulatory compliance.

Mobile Workforce Management

Maximize the efficiency of your mobile workforce by optimizing the routing and scheduling of fleet vehicles thus minimizing vehicle maintenance and carbon footprint.

Plan and respond to emergencies by sending the personnel with the right skill set to the right location.

Smart Grid

Create dashboards that show the real-time conditions of your network and customers.

Offer the best pricing and services options, and take advantage of predictive, location analytics to anticipate outages, determine the least impact to the network service and customers, and quickly restore services when outages occur.

Use geospatial dashboards to view real-time location-based data.

Outage Management

React faster during service interruptions to mitigate outages and restore service to customers. Monitor social media to pinpoint areas where customers are immediately impacted.

Geospatial technology will help you to communicate with field personnel, map outages as well as connecting to SCADA systems.

Emergency Response

Consolidate incidents through a geospatial dashboard that shows the areas impacted by natural disasters. Create a common operational picture (COP) for your senior staff to help them direct emergency personnel. Collaborate, coordinate and respond to real-time alerts, weather conditions, and evacuation efforts.

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“Our utilities customers experienced a 50% reduction in labor and fuel costs by increasing their location data accuracy”

Jean-Sébastien Turcotte

Vice President

Jean-Sébastien Turcotte

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