What We Do at Korem

The Geospatial Expert Shop

Our services

We provide an end-to-end solution for your geospatial projects. Through our unique one-stop-shop experience, we drive the successful adoption of geospatial technology, while managing risk.

Korem's Strategic Consulting Services

Management Consulting

We provide business and technology perspectives to develop an innovative geospatial roadmap that will create value for your organization.

Korem's Contract Advisory Services

Contract Management

We give you access to the best geospatial providers for which we already have negotiated the best prices and contract terms.

cylinder pie chart with a quarter cut out

Data and Analytics

Increase your data integrity and management capacity with our team of experienced geospatial technologist.

Korem's System Integration Services

System Integration

Whether you are looking at geospatial enablement or for fully customized application, we deliver on time, on budget and on target.

Korem's Managed Services

Managed Services

We complement your in-house IT operations to accelerate your time to value and maintain your geospatial solution in a cloud or hybrid environment.

Our geospatial expertise

Our talented and multidisciplinary team of experts share unique market perspectives and vendor-agnostic recommendations that help map out a promising future for our clients.

Data integration

We can integrate data from dozens of systems and databases, breaking data silos while maximizing the business insights that emerge from geospatial solutions.

Geocoding and Address Management

High accuracy address geocoding software is paramount in many industries. Whether you want to display location on a map, perform a spatial analysis or maintain a standardized master address list, we have the know-how to walk you through the process.

Analytics and Visualization

We can help you combine GIS capabilities such as geocoding, routing optimization, geoprocessing and spatial analysis into complex sequences to enables business decision automation.

Enterprise Solution

When no out-of-the-box solution fits your business needs, Korem’s expertise with custom geospatial and Web mapping development can make the difference.

Our industries

Our clients in various industries rely on Korem to make informed decisions and enhance their efficiency.

Data infographic about geospatial expertise for banking


Use geospatial data to understand account holders and improve their customer experience.

flooded house and people on a raft geospatial for insurance


Invest in accurate data, and make better insurability decisions.

Geospatial for Real Estate

Real estate

Geospatial technology provides insights into today’s ever-changing landscape in commercial and residential real estate.

shopping cart with yellow bag on laptop keyboard GIS for Retail


For retailers, investing in geospatial is essential for ensuring the company’s sustainability.

Geospatial for Telecommunications


Geospatial technologies help you accelerate your network modernization initiatives.

Geospatial for transportation


Use geospatial data to route vehicles, ensure driver safety and deliver goods and services efficiently.

hydro lines with natural disaster geospatial for Electric Utilities


Geospatial solutions provide you with the accurate information you need to respond as effectively as possible.