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Geocoding and Address Management

Geocoding is the pillar of all your spatial decisions

Geocoding is often seen as the simple process of sending an address and receiving a location. Inexperienced users may blindly take the geocoding software results at face value without considering the possibility of false positives and false negatives, or positional accuracy. Ignoring the result’s location accuracy and confidence level when implementing a geocoding or address validation process can jeopardize any subsequent actions you take.

When dealing with addresses, choosing between a geocoding or postal address validation can be confusing. Businesses often require a combination of geocoding, address recognition, address validation or standardization, and postal address certification. Some solutions only offer geocoding or postal address validation whereas some solutions offer both.

For example, you may need a flexible geocoding software with fast-complete or type-ahead features to ensure address quality and mailability for a customer order form. On the other hand, if the application is different, you might prefer a very accurate location to better assess risk with no consideration for mailability. The choice comes down to the specificities of your business.

Different business requirements related to geocoding and address recognition technologies also drive the need for different deployment strategies including on-premise, to cloud, SaaS API or even big data deployment. With the increased amount of trace data coming from IoT devices and sensors, reverse geocoding is becoming increasingly important. Geocoding can also go beyond addresses by locating business points or points of interest (POI).

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At Korem, geocoding expertise is at the core of our DNA. Korem recognizes that high accuracy address geocoding software is paramount in many industries such as telecommunication and insurance and should not be overlooked. Whether you want to display location on a map, perform a spatial analysis, maintain a standardized master address list, or get mailing discounts through USPS CASS or Canada Post SERP certification, Korem has the know-how to walk you through the process.

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Korem’s approach as a geospatial partner and strategic advisor is to first evaluate your business needs, and then recommend a solution that can combine best‑of‑breed software, data, integration or customization services.

Our geospatial one-stop-shop allows us to support you at every step of the process, from solution ideation, product and data acquisition, contract management, implementation and integration, to the operationalization of the final enterprise solution.

We provide value for businesses in four areas of geospatial and data-driven expertise.