Geospatial for transportation

Optimize your delivery routes

Geospatial for transportation

How geospatial is used in transportation:

Fleet Management & Long-haul Trucking

Manage fleet assets more effectively by optimizing routes between depots and delivery points with information such as traffic congestion, weather, bridge heights and other data which can lead to better adherence to delivery schedules.

Create an integrated transport management across all modes including freeways, arterials, and urban surface streets.

Field Service Management

Assign personnel to the right location at the right time with geospatial solutions.

Deploy your field service teams by optimizing routes so that you can reliably sustain service level agreements.

Maximize performance of your fleet and mobile workforce by monitoring traffic and weather patterns thereby reducing travel time and improving key performance indicators.

Employ post-trip analysis for more efficient routing and deployment based on time, tolls, fleet composition and fuel expenses.

Telematics & Asset Management

With vehicle tracking, lower expenses related to fuel costs and labor, and eliminate unauthorized access or vehicle usage.

Access real-time location data, driver dwell time and vehicle arrival time estimates for improved customer service.

Monitor vehicle performance and alert drivers to impending maintenance issues to help mitigate down-time and lower overall cost of ownership.

Real-time information about the location of assets helps transportation managers to not only monitor asset utilization but also to protect vehicles from theft.

Integrating real-time sensor data with map-based information provides immediate visual verification to track assets and alert authorities when vehicles enter or leave city limits or other areas where authorization is required.

Last-Mile Delivery

Meet your customers’ increasing expectation by optimizing your delivery routes.

Using historical traffic data enables you to plan multi-stop routes to make the deliveries in the least amount of time and the shortest distance traveled, thus reducing delivery time and costs as well as your carbon footprint.

Readjust, on-the-fly, with real-time data, when unplanned incidents or road closures happen, keeping the customer satisfied.

Regulatory Compliance

Pinpoint routes in which physical and legal restrictions can impact speed and efficiency.

Ensure compliance by using multiple attributes such as bridge heights, speed limits, prohibited hazardous materials and environmental zones. This can be critically important to identify routes that cross certain state, provincial, county or city boundaries.

Public Transportation & Safety

Make data-driven decisions regarding the maintenance of your urban road network. Know where you need new road infrastructure and where repairs and maintenance are necessary.

Ensure an efficient and safe traffic flow by using historical traffic data, to understand where congestion has occurred, and which roadways need routing alternatives.

Enhance productivity of your workforce and reduce your operational costs, whether for snow plowing, waste removal or maintenance. All are also critically important for police, fire and emergency management teams as they must have immediate access to road traffic and bridge data for preparation of catastrophic events.

Exo, the second-largest public transit operator in Quebec, is responsible for the commuter rail network, the metropolitan bus network and paratransit services.

An indispensable tool for its Research, Data Analysis and Modeling department, the traffic data exo uses is the starting point for its strategic projects, technical orientations and operational initiatives in its network.

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