eDriving Reduces Speeding Disputes by 60% and Launches in 59 New Countries


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The client

eDrivingSM helps organizations around the world improve safety, as well as reduce collisions, incidents, injuries, license violations, and carbon emissions, through its patented digital driver risk management programs that reduce the total cost of fleet ownership.

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The challenge

eDriving was facing challenges of data quality, speed limit accuracy and geographic coverage provided by its previous map data partner.

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The result

eDriving was able to reduce the number of speeding disputes by 60% and subsequently launch in 59 new countries.

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The client

Global Digital Driver Risk Management Gurus

eDriving helps organizations to reduce vehicle collisions, incidents, personal injuries, license violations, carbon emissions and the overall total cost of fleet ownership. It offers a comprehensive program, Mentor by eDrivingSM, that provides behavioral insight and actionable intelligence to manage driver risk within the context of a crash-free culture.

eDriving’s MentorSM smartphone app is used by over 1.2 million drivers across 125 countries. The app collects and analyzes a driver’s behavior in five categories: acceleration, braking, cornering, distraction, and speeding. Once the data is captured, the information is used to provide a FICO® Safe Driving Score indicating the driver’s risk level. The app not only scores real-time risky behaviors, but also provides in-app micro-training to address and remediate such behavior.

For Mentor to assign a FICO® Safe Driving Score that is representative of the driver’s behavior, eDriving must rely on its map and location services supplier to deliver the most accurate data that includes street and highway attributes such as speed limits and road class, for example. These data are critical in maintaining relative driver scores across the many countries in which it operate and those regions in which it intends to expands services in the future.

The Challenge

Map Data Inaccuracies

Within the Mentor app, eDriving allows the driver to send feedback or to dispute incidents that might create a false trigger. However, eDriving was experiencing an unusually high volume of speeding disputes. As a result, this created an overflow of customer support tickets, driver frustration, and increased maintenance costs. In addition, because it had to reallocate some of its resources to R&D to address this issue, there was a slower rollout of the app’s new features. But most of all, it raised concerns about the accuracy of identified speeding events and the calculation of drivers’ FICO® Safe Driving Score.

Upon researching the root cause of this problem, eDriving found that the speeding data that it was receiving from its map provider was not up to date. This led to identification of false speeding events in the app. Its map provider also had limited coverage or did not offer its services in certain countries, which hindered eDriving’s international expansion.

The solution

Comparing Vendors

eDriving was faced with two options: build its own maps or find a new provider. However, the first option would have led to increased costs and reallocation of resources to this project, impeding other Mentor improvements.  

eDriving believed that the most prudent option was to identify a new map and location services provider that could offer more reliable and comprehensive map data. eDriving decided to go with Korem because of its multiple partnerships with location data providers and strong knowledge of the industry. Paramount was Korem’s ability to understand the needs of its client and recommend the appropriate solution.

Korem provided an in-depth analysis of the geographic extent of the data coverage, the limitations, and the pricing model of each vendor under consideration. It applied this methodology to both the geographies of its existing solution, as well as the multiple countries where they intended to expand its operations. “That really helped us compare and make the right choice,” said Shireen Sachar, VP of Product, Mentor.

eDriving finally selected HERE Technologies to provide mapping and location services to propel its driver risk management program. As the leader in location platform, HERE is the ideal partner to meet eDriving’s requirements and growth objectives both in terms of data coverage and accuracy. HERE’s data products cover more than 200 countries and territories. HERE maintains a very rigorous process for data collection, digitization and review so they can provide the most current and accurate map data. In addition, HERE’s pricing structure fit eDriving’s business model, providing them a cost-effective path to growth. “HERE Location Services’ pricing structure aligns with our business model, which was an important requirement to achieve our overall growth goals,” said Ed Dubens, CEO of eDriving.

We requested information from a lot of vendors, and to our surprise, most of these vendors had a partnership with Korem. That was a very good indicator of Korem’s existing network and collaboration with mapping providers.
Shireen Sachar
VP Product, Mentor

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Key results


fewer speeding disputes


launches in new countries

the Outcome

Launching in New Markets with Confidence

With Korem’s professional services and backed by the data and location services of HERE Technologies, eDriving was able to understand and address the underlying issues behind its abundance of speeding disputes. This resulted in a 60% reduction in disputes related to speeding data integrity.

Now, whenever eDriving is launching in a new market, it relies on Korem’s knowledge and expertise to confirm that the data coverage is appropriate, and if not, what alternatives are suitable. Since switching to HERE Technologies, eDriving was able to launch in 59 new countries.

"Korem helped us evaluate the quality and coverage of HERE Maps in Taiwan and Hong Kong, confirming that these countries used a global API and that the data quality was very high across the board. That really gave us the confidence to go ahead with these launches. "
– Shireen Sachar

Because Korem manages the communication with the vendor, support tickets, escalations, and license updates, eDriving is able to focus on developing and improving its solution. “That itself has helped us a lot in terms of productivity,” said Ms. Sachar. eDriving can concentrate on adding new features for drivers and managers within Mentor to help keep its drivers engaged and safe behind the wheel, ensuring they get home safely every day.