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Get up-to-date road data to ensure the quality of real-time tracking of your vehicle fleet.

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The most comprehensive, accurate, and feature-rich geographic reference system

HERE Map Data is an automotive-grade database capable of powering a wide range of applications and tools. It contains the transportation network, administrative areas, and cartographic elements for over 200 countries, which is one of the main reasons why this navigation map data is used in over 150 million vehicles. Whether you need map data for your fleet management software, your navigation system, or to ensure the best possible route for last-mile delivery, HERE Technologies and Korem can deliver it.

  • World-class geographic database;
  • Road, pedestrian, and bicycle routes for more than 200 countries;
  • Worldwide coverage with more than 77 million km of roads;
  • More than 900 different map attributes such as street names, address ranges, administrative codes, speed limits, cartographic features, land use, building footprints, and many others;
  • Available in industry standard formats: Shapefile, File Geodatabase (FGDB), MapInfo TAB, Oracle Spatial.

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Why HERE Maps?

HERE Technologies provides extensive coverage as well as fresh, high-quality map data. Choose HERE Maps if you are looking for a GIS mapping platform th aat can provide:

  • Block-level address ranges
  • Superior positional accuracy
  • Detailed turn restrictions
  • Comprehensive road network connectivity
  • Z-axis height data for tunnels and bridges
  • Exit and entrance ramp information, including signage

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