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What’s included in the HERE Map data sample

  • Speed limits: calculate travel times and optimize route planning.
  • Street centerlines: The street layer is required to create a road map and perform routing analysis.
  • Street names: obtain street names or other attributes such as street type and directions for all segments.
  • Points of interest: add context and detail to your maps.
  • Functional class: help to identify the type of road segment. It is required to prevent the routing engine to use highways, for instance.
  • Address points: the best location precision you can get for your geocoding workflow and digital map creation.
  • TMC codes: Traffic Message Channel (TMC) provides drivers with information on traffic and travel conditions.

Project files are included in both packages to help you get started faster with the data. You will find an ArcMap MXD with the Shapefiles and a MapInfo Workspace in the TAB archive.

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With over 30 years of mapping experience, HERE Technologies’ HERE Map product is now used in over 150 million vehicles. Their rigorous process of data collection, digitization and revision enables them to provide the freshest and most accurate digital representation of the world.

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