Korem's ESG commitments

Committed to a sustainable, inclusive, and ethical future

Ensuring the long-term success of our ecosystem and recognizing current global challenges, we have integrated the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) pillars into the core of our strategy and priorities. 

Given the growing importance of ESG criteria for investors, clients, partners, employees, and suppliers, Korem’s management prioritizes these in its values and corporate responsibility. 

This report presents Korem’s main ESG initiatives over the years. 


The environmental score of an ESG rating considers several factors that impact the natural environment, such as greenhouse gas emissions, natural resource usage, energy efficiency, waste management, and raw material sourcing. 

Considering that Korem is an information technology company, our environmental impact primarily stems from greenhouse gas emissions and organizational energy consumption. Although we do not have physical production, it’s essential to monitor and reduce these aspects to minimize our carbon footprint and contribute to environmental sustainability.


We continuously strive to provide a safe, pleasant, and
flexible work environment where work-life balance is
prioritized. Our goal is to ensure that our employees have
the necessary resources to succeed in their careers within a
culture that is safe, diverse, equitable, inclusive, and fosters
a strong sense of belonging and openness at Korem.


Considering that a strong, transparent, and ethical governance framework is the foundation of an inclusive, sustainable, and enduring approach, Korem hassought to maintain a qualified, diversified, and transparent decision-making structure. This, combined with clear processes, ensures that our management practices are ethical and responsible while fostering trust within our ecosystem and contributing to our long-term success.