Véronique Morin-Morissette and Constance-Coralie Dumont Bois Named Directors of Korem’s Marketing Department

Véronique Morin-Morissette and Constance-Coralie Dumont Bois Named Directors of Korem’s Marketing Department

QUEBEC CITY, May 4, 2023 – Korem is proud to announce the promotion of Véronique Morin-Morissette as Marketing and Communications Director and Constance-Coralie Dumont Bois as Digital Marketing Director.

Véronique Morin-Morissette – Marketing and Communications Director. In her new role, Véronique will coach and mobilize the marketing team to apply industry best practices related to marketing campaign strategies, multimedia, events, lead qualification processes and communications. She will also be responsible for developing Korem’s strategic vision in relation with its partners. With 5 years of experience at Korem, Véronique has greatly contributed to the evolution of the marketing department and to strengthen relationships with partners. She also implemented a new LDR/BDR function within the marketing department and successfully led the partner marketing initiatives.

Constance-Coralie Dumont Bois – Digital Marketing Director. Constance-Coralie will ensure Korem’s digital visibility by overseeing the marketing of products & services through the creation of impactful content and the conception of digital campaigns. With her know-how and her technological watch, she will also coach team members in developing their skills and implementing digital marketing and automation best practices. Working in the digital space since 2015, Constance-Coralie joined Korem in 2019. Her impact was quickly felt through the implementation of the content and digital acquisition strategy and the website development. Thanks to her, content is now one of the cornerstones of Korem’s marketing strategy.

As the head of the marketing department, Veronique and Constance-Coralie’s mission will be to contribute to Korem’s growth by developing innovative lead generation strategies and help demonstrate Korem’s value in North America, throughout the customer journey.

Together, they will multiply their efforts to build a multidisciplinary and efficient marketing team, focused on content creation, lead generation and results.

“It is with great pleasure that we entrust the co-direction of our marketing team to Véronique and Constance-Coralie. Thanks to their joint work and the excellent results obtained over the years, they have proven that marketing strategies contribute directly to the company’s success, both financially and in terms of talent development.”

–Sébastien Vachon, CEO and Founder of Korem

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