Sébastien Vachon transfers leadership of Korem to his executive team

Sébastien Vachon transfers leadership of Korem to his executive team

Marise Drapeau, VP Finances and Administration  Christophe Charpentier, CEO — Rémy Pelletier, VP professional services  — Sébastien Vachon, Chairman of the Directors Board

QUEBEC CITY, September 28, 2023 – On the eve of Korem’s 30th anniversary, Sébastien Vachon, founder of Korem, hands over the leadership of the company to his executive team. Mr. Vachon will continue to chair the Board of Directors and will remain Korem’s majority shareholder.

This new phase marks the continuation of a journey that began four years ago. This transition was initiated through a rigorous overhaul of the company’s finances and administration. Marise Drapeau, Vice President of this department, quickly became a cornerstone of the organization and Mr. Vachon’s right-hand person. She has made significant contributions in transforming all operational management systems of the company to build a robust foundation capable of supporting rapid growth while ensuring the organization’s profitability.

Two years ago, Rémy Pelletier, Vice President of Professional Services, initiated a process to optimize Korem’s largest team. This team plays an essential role in supporting and implementing Korem’s geospatial intelligence solutions for clients.

The final step of this transition was welcoming Christophe Charpentier as the new President of Korem last July. Since then, he has been tasked with injecting new energy into all go-to-market teams and throughout the entire organization.

“I am impressed by the speed of his integration, the depth of his involvement with all teams, and his commitment to the company’s strategic partners,” Mr. Vachon affirms.

As such, Mr. Vachon is appointing Christophe Charpentier as the new CEO of Korem today to complete the organizational transition he aimed to achieve.

“I am proud to pass the torch of organizational leadership to my team of leaders. I have complete confidence in their ability to take Korem to new heights. In 30 years in business, Korem has managed to maintain its position as a major player in the geospatial industry, build close relationships with its clients and partners, and make the necessary changes at the right time,” Mr. Vachon declares.

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Since 1993, Korem has been creating long‑term value for its clients, employees and partners through innovation and geospatial expertise. Major North American companies like AT&T, Shell, Bell, and Desjardins rely on Korem every day to make informed decisions and enhance their efficiency. Through its unique one-stop-shop experience, Korem is driving the adoption of geospatial technology and reducing risk. Its talented and multidisciplinary team of 80 experts shares unique business perspectives and neutral recommendations that help map out a promising future for its clients. As a value‑added reseller, Korem offers the most comprehensive and diverse portfolio of geospatial solutions, including our strategic partners Precisely, HERE Technologies, Alteryx, Environics Analytics and CARTO. Learn more at 

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