Address Verification

Make sure that your billing mailings reach your customers every time.

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Precisely’s Address Verification benefits

Being very important, address standardization is any company’s best friend. Avoid paying for mail returns with our simple and effective solution.

  • Correctly format mailing addresses using certified postal address data.
  • Decrease the cost of returned and undeliverable mail by correcting misfielded and misspelled information.
  • Create a single customer view of your data.


Top 3 functionalities

  • Use regularly updated U.S. and Canadian postal address dictionaries.
  • Minimize manual intervention by leveraging address advanced matching to answer the high volume demand of address verification within your organization.
  • Utilize the type-ahead feature to correct addresses in real time.

Why use address verification?

Without valid, verified addresses or correct geolocation, the risks of delivery failures increase substantially, leading to higher operational costs as well as negative impacts on customer satisfaction and retention. Additional costs, and possible fines, can be incurred where taxes are incorrectly assigned. Downstream, poor address and location data impact the ability to enrich data with useful demographics or risk-related information. The process of address standardization and normalization is, then, a critical business process to improve overall data quality.