Building Footprint USA

Building Footprint Data

Your goal:

“I need to know if the home of this insurance policy is in a flood zone.”

Our solution:

  • Use the physical footprint of buildings to solve any problem involving the analysis and visualization of risks associated with the location of your assets.
  • Improve the accuracy of your geocoding.
  • Visualize building in 3D for your 5G deployment.
“Improve your geocoding process by determining the location of a building using accurate data sets!”

Éric Lacoursière

Geospatial Expert

Éric Lacoursière

Top 3 functionalities:

  • Get information on all buildings with known and unknown addresses.
  • Address point layers containing any address point locations that could not be linked to a building footprint.
  • Access building height information, which can be expressed in physical height in feet, or as the number of floors or stories of the building.

Is the Building IN or OUT of a Flood Zone?

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