CAMEO Segmentation

“I want to understand who my clients are, where they live and how to target them.”

How to use geodemographic segmentation?

Geodemographic segmentation data describes the lifestyle characteristics of households by identifying family social status, characteristics of children living at home, disposable income spending behavior, financial status, hobbies and interests. It helps the marketing manager to better understand the consumer’s lifestyle choices and the geographic similarities of individual cohorts. By recognizing patterns of consumer behavior, marketing campaigns can be developed to get the best possible return on investment.

Precisely’s CAMEO Segmentation benefits

  • A series of powerful and descriptive developed to assess the socio-economic and geodemographic profiles of neighborhoods across the world.
  • CAMEO, our geodemographic solution from Precisely, segments consumers by five affluence levels and five key life-stages, resulting in 25 different consumer types that describe individual audience profiles for precision target marketing.
“Always have your customers in mind! CAMEO can help you keep a close eye on your global customer base.”

Simon Lavergne

Enterprise Geospatial Expert

Simon Lavergne