Carrier Routes

Benefit from the boundaries of USPS postal carriers, capturing both residential and commercial routes, for your direct marketing.

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Enhance your direct marketing with USPS postal carrier boundaries

Carrier Routes depict the areas served by USPS mail carriers and include both residential and business routes, making them an excellent resource for direct marketers. To provide greater accuracy and visual appeal, the boundaries follow roads.

Each feature of the carrier route has its own unique record, regardless of the number of polygons that compose it. In the case of ‘’split routes,’’ the centroid file will use the carrier route’s gravity center point, which ensures that the centroid will be in one of the polygons of the carrier route. These “split routes” will always contain all the information needed to draw each polygon.

Product variants

Carrier Route Boundaries


  • The latitude/longitude coordinates for the vertices of carrier route polygons.

Carrier Route Centroids


  • Point-type carrier routes, including PO Boxes.
  • Carrier routes for which a specific boundary cannot be defined.

ZIP Code Boundaries and Centroids


  • The latitude/longitude coordinate of the centroid of each ZIP code.
  • A quick view of specific ZIP code changes in a given release.

Features of Carrier Routes

  • Multiple data feeds (e.g., USPS data) to ensure comprehensive coverage
  • Monthly import of CASS-certifiable data
  • Rigorous linkage of ZIP Plus 4 data to each U.S. street segment
  • Segment scores based on match rates
  • Areas incorporated cleanly, without jagged fence-posting
  • Data updated quarterly
  • Data tiles by U.S. state
  • Data available in several geospatial formats (Esri Shapefile, MapInfo TAB, etc.)
  • Database-loadable text (MySQL, PostGIS, WKT)