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“I want my analysts to reduce their data preparation time with an intuitive, high-performance analytics tool.”

Alteryx Designer's benefits

  • Help your analysts prepare, assemble and analyze tabular and geospatial information more efficiently.
  • Perform advanced, statistical and geospatial analysis using data flow automation.
  • Increase interoperability between your data sources and lighten your business processes.

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Alteryx Designer’s top 3 functionalities

  • Use the “Drag & Drop” interface to intuitively create your data preparation logic.
  • Perform advanced time analysis using Arima models.
  • Enrich yourself with data using built-in demographic data and the TomTom geocoder.

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“Any analyst would be pleased to know that Alteryx Designer is the best tool for adding a geographic dimension to any data set with its geographic analysis function.”

Simon Lavergne

Enterprise Geospatial Expert

Simon Lavergne