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Reduce data preparation time for your analysts with an intuitive, high-performance analytics interface.

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Improve your business decisions with
geospatial analytics

Alteryx Designer leverages geospatial intelligence and data analysis to find answers from up to 80 semi-structured and unstructured data sources, including spreadsheets, documents, cloud sources, Snowflake, and RPA bots.

Alteryx Designer offers an intuitive, self-service interface featuring more than 50 prebuilt, code-free tools, and a repeatable drag-and-drop workflow. Thus, analysts can quickly prepare, assemble, and analyze all their data and create advanced location-based analysis models without writing SQL code or custom scripts. Data scientists are not left out with the 200 code-friendly tools included in the interface.

Every step of the analytical process can be automated so you can transform raw data into ready-to-use data, allowing you to extract value from it up to 100 times faster. You can then share the results of your predictive, statistical, and spatial analyses through customized reports in the format of your choice to discover trends and patterns for faster business results.

Enrich your insights with location and
business datasets

Enhance your analytics with location and consumer intelligence built directly in Alteryx Designer.

  • Map customer locations on detailed street maps or satellite image overlays.
  • Clean and standardize addresses to improve data quality and business results.
  • Achieve transformative results using customer demographics, buying patterns, and business profiles.
  • Incorporate spending data to create detailed profiles for effective marketing strategies.
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Alteryx Designer overview

Alteryx Designer empowers data analysts using the same intuitive user interface, no coding required.

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Benefits of Alteryx Designer

Smarter decisions

Enrich your data with demographic, firmographic, and geospatial data.

Scalable analytics

Scale data preparation and analytics processes on cloud, on-premises, and hybrid sources, and track every step of the analytics process with a visual canvas.

Simplified data science

Build an end-to-end machine learning pipeline in a few clicks with assisted modeling.

Customizable analytics

Leverage Alteryx SDKs to integrate functionality into your interfaces, dashboards, and business processes.

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Complement BI and data visualization tools with Alteryx

Snowflake and Tableau

Alteryx can be integrated with Snowflake and Tableau, or any other visualization or BI tool to get the most out of your data. It speeds up the access and preparation of data and analysis through database processing in Snowflake and feeds your Tableau dashboards.

Azure and Power BI

Connect data pipelines, analytics, and visualization with Azure and Power BI. Easily deploy and provision your data in minutes and scale analytics as needed. Ensure resilience and disaster recovery, and keep reports and analytics updated with streaming data through data ingestion and persistence.


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