Spectrum Global Geocoding

Standardize a large address database and create accurate map locations.

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Precisely's geocoding solution benefits

With the right geocoding solution for your needs, you will arm your business with the tools for profitability. Your business will reach new customers, locate your competitive advantage, uncover opportunities, and more.

  • Standardize, validate and match addresses to increase customer information data quality.
  • Improve location accuracy using a multi-sourced address geocoding engine.
  • Add attribution to address information with robust geoenrichment.

Key functionalities

  • Choose between various geocoding datasets (TomTom, HERE, Precisely’s Master Location Data).
  • Access the most complete global geocoding coverage available including highly detailed street maps for the U.S., Canada, France, and Australia as well as address point data for over 240 countries from around the globe.
  • Deploy geocoding in the environment that fits the needs of your IT department: on-premise, cloud-native, or API.

Why use geocoding?

Geocoding is an important function for most geospatial projects. It is especially important for organizations and companies that manage loyalty programs, customer transaction records, and citizen information. So, users need a trusted, reliable source of address information to validate their geocoding tasks. It’s important, then, to find the solution that can provide value, whether you are geocoding just a few records or millions of transactions each day.

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