HERE Real-Time Traffic

HERE Real-Time Traffic keeps your fleet informed of traffic flow and weather changes to keep your drivers safe and optimize their travel time.

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Power your traffic management solution
with reliable traffic data

HERE Real-Time Traffic enables routing applications to get drivers to their destinations faster and more efficiently by providing them with data in the exact place they need it: while they’re on the road. HERE’s GIS traffic data is designed to be highly accurate and display simply so your customers, drivers, or even you can understand and adjust to directions as needed, without a lot of distraction or extraneous information.

Key time-saving, headache-reducing elements include:

  • Traffic conditions, including traffic congestion and speed levels, with historical and current traffic count data validation
  • Planned incidents, such as road construction and road closures
  • Unplanned incidents, such as accidents, stalled vehicles, and unplanned road closures

How does HERE Real-Time Traffic data works?

Real-time traffic data is aggregated and analyzed from a sophisticated mix of sources to accurately reflect actual road conditions. Sources include probe data, fixed sensors, government sources, trillions of historical traffic records, and partner APIs, with verification performed automatically in most cases and sometimes by direct individual traffic specialists.  

The real-time data is delivered via dynamic content feeds, providing you with up-to-the-minute data on incidents, weather, construction, or other concerns, all of which improve road safety and route planning. 

HERE Real-Time Traffic Data Features

Get traffic data such as:

  • Flow data
  • Incident data
  • Reversible lanes coverage
  • Traffic safety warnings
  • Lane closures
  • Split lane-level coverage
  • High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) coverage
  • Arterial turn lanes coverage
  • Deep coverage in 96 cities
  • Available in 75 countries

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