HERE Truck Data

Keep your drivers safe, minimize delays, and optimize loads to meet delivery times and shipping requirements.

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The ideal data for your dispatch, driving,
and truck routing software

HERE Trucks is a database of relevant attributes for the fleet management industry and truck drivers. It powers carrier route mapping with high levels of accuracy to ensure today’s leading truck routing systems keep drivers safe, minimize delays, and optimize loads for delivery times and shipping requirements.

Commercial vehicles face a variety of regulations and transportation route limitations based on their size and laws, such as prohibitions on transporting flammable materials through neighborhoods. HERE Trucks monitors carrier routes by ZIP code and can help your system plan for all such restrictions in each of its route calculations. Frequent map updates allow HERE to provide accurate route data.

Today, HERE Trucks powers a wide range of truck routing software across the globe. The systems range from real-time management to auditing.

Make fleet management easier

  • Generate efficient route maps for carriers
  • Improve truck routing and dispatching reducing fuel cost
  • Calculate the accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) for commercial vehicles
  • Make delivery routes more efficient with the application of carrier route codes
  • Increase driver safety
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries

Develop accurate maps for commercial vehicles

The GIS truck data contains a deep set of methods, characteristics and filters that your dispatch agents or routing specialists can use to perform your routing calculations. You need a system that can adapt to the right characteristics and monitor them based on your materials, load size, vehicle size, and much more. HERE Trucks data does just that with a variety of carrier route maps and data to address:

  • Legal Restrictions: Contains detailed information on the exact areas and roads where certain legal restrictions apply, from material limits to areas where specific trucks or trailers are forbidden.
  • Environmental Zones: Includes information on areas where access restrictions apply to certain vehicles or trucks due to environmental reasons, and provides route data to support audits if you travel through zones that require information to be stored and provided to local governments.
  • Hazardous Materials: Includes information on areas or roads where transportation of hazardous materials is prohibited.
  • Warnings: Includes detailed information on the exact location of signs warning of certain road conditions that apply to trucks (e.g., lateral wind and risk of grounding), sortable based on truck type within your truck routing software.
  • Physical Restrictions: Includes information on areas where access restrictions apply to certain vehicles or trucks due to physical dimensions (e.g., height and weight), sorting carrier routes by ZIP codes, and other details.
  • Trucks POIs: Contains information about fuel stations for trucks, including lower-emission fuels and additives, as well as valuable and practical information about special truck facilities such as truck stops. Carrier route maps can be adjusted to include access to these facilities.
  • Distance Markers: Includes detailed information on the exact location and number of signs indicating road distance along carrier route maps.
  • Loading Dock Locations: Contains the actual location of buildings’ loading and unloading docks, truck entrance locations, and associated geometry, all available within your home truck route planner as well as in-cab truck routing software.

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