“I want to access geolocation services via an intuitive interface, without programming.”

  • Platform prized by the Canadian insurance industry to geocode, calculate distances and standardize addresses.
  • Designed for non-technical, non-GIS users.
  • Seamless Integration as Sotware as a Service (SaaS).

Top 3 functionalities:

  • A unique address identifier (UAID) will be assigned to each record for greater accuracy.
  • Integrated Table View: Slice your data seamlessly without having to open Excel.
  • Data Cleanup: Download your address database and Location View Viewer will clean, validate and geocode your data.
“The Location Viewer user interface allows non-GIS-aware analysts to easily geocode addresses and even enrich them through various available databases and geographic analysis.”

Simon Lavergne

Enterprise Geospatial Expert

Simon Lavergne