MapInfo/MapInfo Advanced

“I want an easy-to-use GIS tool, allowing me to edit and map my geographic data. ”

How to use MapInfo?

MapInfo Pro is the premier desktop geographic information system (GIS) software used by thousands of professional geospatial analysts. It provides thematic mapping, spatial querying, raster data manipulation, and map layout. It is a 64-bit, highly performant solution with a familiar Windows user interface. Users can import data from many sources, vector or raster, and immediately begin to tackle any level of GIS project.

Benefits of Precisely’s MapInfo

  • Fast learning curve for new users.
  • Powerful capabilities for map visualization and cartographic layouts.
  • Available training and convenient support.

Top 3 functionalities:

  • Integrate raster and vector data within the same desktop GIS solution.
  • Integrate MapMarker geocoding and other GeoAPIs.
  • Advanced geospatial querying and analysis for the power GIS user.

Try MapInfo Pro v2019: explore, model and act with confidence!

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“Having given multiple course on MapInfo, the first thing I always hear is how MapInfo is such an easy-to-understand mapping desktop application.”

Patrick Dubé

Geospatial Analyst

Patrick Dubé