“I want to evaluate and anticipate trends of both
individual venues and chains across regions and territories.”

Why use Foursquare Places?

Foursquare Places is a rich data set of global points of interest (POI) that is validated by millions of first-party sources. Places is trusted by top enterprises including Apple, Uber, Samsung, Snap, and Tencent, to build location-based experiences into their software applications.

Benefits of Foursquare's Places Data

  • Represents 95 million commercial points of interests.
  • From venues and chains across 190 countries and 50 territories.
  • Accessible in two ways: the Foursquare API or as a flat file.
“Places uniquely provides precise firmographic details such as venue name, address, and category, as well as rich content attributes from Foursquare’s owned and operated consumer apps.”

Julien Lebrun

Geospatial Expert

Julien Lebrun