PSYTE US Segmentation

Understand who your clients are, where they live, and how to target them with geodemographic segmentation.

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People are complex, but data doesn’t have to be

Easily reach customers and discover areas populated by individuals with specific characteristics or behaviors.  

PSYTE US geodemographic segmentation data offers neighborhood classifications. It includes details empowering data-driven personalization, such as average age, income, education, preferences, and other relevant factors. 

With PSYTE US, you can acquire new customers and retain existing ones by understanding their needs. Choose the right location for a new store, service, or business. Assess the risks and opportunities involved in expanding businesses or investing in new markets. 

Precisely’s PSYTE US Benefits

Always have your customers in mind! Make better decisions, with a deeper level of context, based on demographic characteristics, lifestyle choices, and geographic location. 

  • High-quality, accurate, and privacy-first data. The data comes from multiple sources, has been selected by experts, and is free of personal identifiers. 
  • The data classifies segments into 12 lifestyle groups and 63 mutually exclusive neighborhood types. 
  • PSYTE US covers all 50 American states, with annual data updates. 


Marketing Strategists

Pinpoint new opportunities and predict trends by analyzing reliable data for smarter decisions daily. 

Business Analysts

Enhance processes and strategies with high-quality data, driving revenue growth and cost optimization. 

Category Managers

Be at the forefront of market trends, manage risk, and innovate to improve business results.

Data Scientists

Deep dives into complex data, forecasting risks and solving problems with contextual insights.

Let’s see how we can help your organization

Precisely Demographics



Obtain a complete demographic dataset for your geospatial project to better understand people’s behaviors and inform strategic decisions.

Precisely APIs



Access and integrate geospatial Web services on demand.

Precisely Boundaries



Enrich your existing data with ready-to-use administrative and industry-specific boundaries to perform territory analyses.