Spectrum Spatial Routing

Optimize your carrier routes by providing them with detailed itineraries.

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Benefits of Spectrum Spatial Routing

Network analysis is very useful to determine relationships within the data. Optimizing a delivery sequence can help reduce the number of vehicles on the road or simply deliver more goods.

  • Calculate the time it takes for your customer to reach your location at different times of the day.
  • Integrate the routing API to calculate road distance and travel times.
  • Determine distances and create geofences by walking or driving time.


Top 3 functionalities

  • Find the shortest or fastest route between a set of locations.
  • Calculate accurate drive time polygons by leveraging traffic volume data.
  • Determine route profiles by understanding impedance attribution.

Why use routing software?

Time is money and minimizing travel costs can flow directly to the bottom line. Route optimization for logistics and package delivery is essential to improve delivery times, conserve fuel, and reduce vehicle wear.  Spectrum Spatial Routing, a module available with Spectrum Spatial, accomplishes this by identifying the shortest distance and/or fastest times between locations. It will also define trade areas and geofences that can trigger additional actions to engage clients at the point of need.

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