School Boundaries

Clearly identify homes, businesses, and other points of interest in relation to school locations.

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100% coverage of school districts in the U.S.

School Boundaries contains three layers of geographic information for over 10,000 school districts in the United States, including 95% coverage of school points, 100% of school districts, and 89% of school attendance zones.

These attributes, taken from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), are validated and updated quarterly, reflecting coverage changes since the last release. Additional attribute tables track regional compilation variations and school data complexities across states and regions, allowing for a more consistent methodology and deeper analysis.

Key characteristics

  • School attendance zone boundaries
  • School district boundaries
  • School points
  • Core attributes
  • School choice
  • Alternate IDs

Functionalities and benefits of School Boundaries

Top functionalities

  • Improve local research and results.
  • Compare and validate school listings accurately.
  • Identify which school attendance zone is associated with a property to correctly estimate its value.
  • Assist with emergency response and crisis management
  • Monitor online application access on school grounds to prevent bullying over social media.


  • Clear display of homes, businesses, and other points of interest in relation to school locations and official boundaries.
  • Locally sourced school attendance zone boundaries indicate which school is attended by which students in each district.
  • Nationwide school district boundaries are continuously enriched with locally derived information.
  • Public and private school locations feature rooftop coordinates, contact and address information, school type, and grade levels.

Complementary products available

Other separate products are available to supplement School Boundaries at the school and district level, such as:

  • School Rankings
  • School Grounds
  • School Ground Boundaries
  • GreatSchools® School Ratings
  • College Boundaries


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