“I want to democratize access to advanced data and analytics with a self-service tool.”

Our solution

  • Centralize critical data processes that require a high levels of system resources.
  • Facilitate the sharing of data between the work teams of your organization.
  • Facilitate decision-making and increase productivity.

Top 3 functionalities:

  • Schedule the automation of your data flow whenever it suits your teams.
  • Assign roles to your users so they can access the most relevant data to them.
  • Deploy a flexible and scalable architecture, on premise or in the cloud, to scale as your business needs grow.
“Alteryx is an extremely powerful tool that allows autonomous analysis and process automation. We do not want to keep this for us but rather share it with you as we have your interests at heart!”

Mathieu Nicolet

Statistician - Data Analyst

Mathieu Nicolet