Alteryx Server

Democratize access to advanced data and analytics with a self-service tool that let you scale, share, and automate your analytical processes.

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Share and automate analytical workflows

Alteryx Server is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to share and update analytical workflows, processes, models, and data for large-scale automation and scheduled reporting in BI dashboards, enterprise systems, data lakes, RPA systems, documents, and more.

Alteryx provides a flexible and secure architecture, on-premises, in the cloud, or on hybrid infrastructure, that enables you to scale your analytics across the entire organization as it grows, with built-in data governance, centrally managed security, and high availability.

As a result, your team will benefit from repeatable work that will always have maximum impact on your decision-making and productivity. In addition, by centralizing critical data processes, you’ll be able to facilitate data sharing between work teams and even assign roles to users so that they only access the data most relevant to them.

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Alteryx Server overview

Benefits of Alteryx Server

Share, collaborate, and create

  • Use Alteryx SDKs to build add-ons, such as new data connectors, extensions, automation building blocks, and more.

Find and reuse analytical resources

  • Identify and access relevant and trusted reports, dashboards, applications, and workflows from the Alteryx Gallery.
  • Reuse analytical assets that your team has already created and validated to achieve significant efficiencies.

Secure and govern analytical resources

  • Get enterprise-class security with integrated authentication and SSO, and a granular permission model.
  • Track usage reports, data updates, workflows, user activity, and data history using the Administration Portal.

Complement BI and data visualization tools

Snowflake and Tableau

Alteryx can be integrated with Snowflake and Tableau, or any other visualization or BI tool to get the most out of your data. It speeds up the access and preparation of data and analysis through database processing in Snowflake and feeds your Tableau dashboards.

Azure and Power BI

Connect data pipelines, analytics, and visualization with Azure and Power BI. Easily deploy and provision your data in minutes and scale analytics as needed. Ensure resilience and disaster recovery, and keep reports and analytics updated with streaming data through data ingestion and persistence.

DaaS Data as a Service

Data as a Service

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