Spectrum Spatial Insights

Optimize your networks, efficiently manage facilities, and maximize return on investment by providing accurate information for strategic planning and site selection. 

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Innovative, industry-leading datasets

Visualization in real-time

Visualize and analyze changes to your property network in real time 

Find new opportunities

Easily identify unexploited sales potential

Increase engagement

Gain a deeper comprehension of spatial context and increase traffic to your locations

Fully customizable

Adapt the solution to meet your unique business needs

Functionalities and benefits

Key characteristics

  • Road and aerial imagery
  • Geocoding
  • Search integration
  • Overlap analysis
  • Flexible feature styling
  • Spatial data filtering and querying
  • Thematic mapping
  • Catchment creation and editing


  • Discover, analyze and decide with a 360° view
  • Optimize and plan network build-out, remodels, relocations, and repositions 
  • Forecast sales potential and cannibalization impacts 
  • Identify customer segmentation 
  • Leverage ML-powered models 
  • Scalable: it can handle large volumes of spatial data

Optimize your market potential with spatial analytics

Knowing which location your business would be the most successful is crucial.  

Test strategies with SSI, taking key markets and competitors into consideration. Create detailed forecasts and financial assessments for every scenario, to plan strategic actions. 

Spectrum Spatial Insights helps businesses like retailers, banks, restaurants, gas stations, EV charging operators and health care providers, to answer complex questions that relate to “Where”? 

  • Where is the nearest facility? 
  • Where are the untapped markets for our products and services? 
  • Where should we invest in infrastructure to support business growth? 


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