Spectrum Spatial/LIM

Your goal:

“I want a web mapping tool with spatial operators that meet my users' standards. ”

Our solution:

  • Reduce your cost of ownership with one solution enabling your enterprise with Location Intelligence capabilities.
  • Enable spatial business rules and logic within existing operational systems, removing existing costly manual analysis workload.
  • Rapidly expose the value of hidden location information within systems and spatially enable it through easy data integration and connectivity.
  • Easily create interactive map base application with a variety of out-of-the-box spatial analysis tools for communicating a clear, concise operational picture.
“Spectrum designer helps companies drive their geocoding logic to the next level and deploy a geospatial intelligence programming interface in one click.”

Patrick Dubé

Geospatial Analyst

Patrick Dubé

Top 3 functionalities:

  • Seamlessly integrate Spectrum geocoding and routing engine.
  • Query geospatial bundle using annotation or simple guided SQL query.
  • Easily publish workspace to Spectrum Spatial.