“I want a high-performance, enterprise-grade, geospatial platform offering a modular and open architecture.”

Why use Spectrum?

As data quality and standardization become the essential first tasks that need to be undertaken before any project can begin, enterprise IT managers are looking for a solution that gives them a comprehensive tool. Spectrum is a SOA-compliant, open architecture solution that provides the underlying infrastructure for centrally managing data from myriad sources and to orchestrate delivery to the key geospatial technology stakeholders.

Benefits of Precisely's Spectrum

  • A scalable, data management platform that supports a variety of business processes including data governance, data quality, ETL, geocoding, routing, address normalization, and geospatial analytics.
  • Improves performance and can apply machine learning processes as data volume increases.
  • Supports cloud native, Web, or on-premise deployment.

Top 3 functionalities:

  • Allow users to integrate and create flexible web services for location-based analysis.
  • Support a variety of data formats including Oracle and Microsoft SQL server.
  • Ability to design business logic and automate processes using an intuitive workflow designer.
“Spectrum Enterprise Technology Platform has the most complete modular architecture to serve your business needs!”

Yan Trudeau

Partner Development Manager

Yan Trudeau