“I want to understand venue-level visits at scale
based on the movement of millions of people.”

What is Foursquare Visits?

Foursquare Visits enables you to understand total visits to venues, such as retail stores, malls and theatres, and, in general, how people move through the real world. It helps real estate developers, marketers and consumer brands to engage with their target audience and understand their preferences and needs.

Benefits of Foursquare Visits

  • Daily feed of all visits to individual venues using first-party only data.
  • Up to six million locations.
  • Location data and visitation trends from the past three years across the United States and can be delivered through a S3 bucket.
“Visits are weighted based on users’ representativeness in Foursquare’s panel relative to their demographic’s true representation and size according to the United States Census, mitigating demographic panel bias and fluctuations.””

Julien Lebrun

Geospatial Expert

Julien Lebrun