World Boundaries

Perform a host of geographic, geocoding, and analytic functions with global administrative boundaries.

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A comprehensive coverage of the world’s
administrative boundaries

Regions and sub-regions are divided in many ways around the world. This organization can vary from nation to nation and even internally within the same country. World Boundaries Premium represents the political and administrative hierarchies within all existing countries in the most consistent way possible so that all places have a relevant name and boundary.

World Boundaries Premium thus provides comprehensive coverage of the world’s administrative boundaries combined with neighborhoods, suburbs, land use, and postal zones for over 200 countries and territories. This data is obtained from multiple sources and is represented with a unique file and table structure for ease of use.

Boundaries enable users to perform a multitude of geographical and analytical functions, such as visualizing and manipulating data for mapping or linking enterprise data to accurately locate customers and stakeholders. They also provide extensive support for forward and reverse geocoding, geotagging, and geofencing.

Levels included within the product

Level 1: Countries

Level 2: States or equivalent

Level 3: Counties or districts

Level 4: Municipalities, towns, communes, or townships

Level 5: Localities or urban areas

Level 6: Neighborhoods

Precisely World Boundaries Levels

Benefits and functionality of World Boundaries


  • Contains both an English name and an alternate name to support local audiences.
  • Provides full or partial postal codes for nearly 40 individual countries.
  • Delivers the most current data and keeps up with the recent restructuring of administrative boundaries and postal information worldwide.
  • Includes disputed territories as a separate layer, which allows companies with international clients and interests to depict a diplomatically neutral image of these zones.


  • Link location to customer records and activity.
  • Support social media registration.
  • Enhance your geocoding for location-based advertising and targeted marketing.
  • Create geofences for location-based messaging.
  • Enrich other datasets by adding boundary context.
  • Understand the location information of a client in relation to familiar land-use areas such as airports, hospitals, schools, and golf courses.

World Boundaries Premium versions

World Boundaries Premium is available in two versions: Display and Geotag.


This dataset contains all boundary polygons for each administrative level. By providing data that can be viewed at separate levels, this dataset can be used as a basis for performing various types of analytics.


This dataset is a flattened adaptation of the Display version and contains only the most granular level available for each location. It allows for faster processing, for example, when performing reverse geocoding.

The World Boundaries Premium product also contains object layers and additional tables for:

  • Disputed territories
  • Land use
  • Postal codes

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