Authoritative data for your ArcGIS ecosystem

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Authoritative data for your ArcGIS ecosystem

The challenge of data quality

Most GIS tools and platforms tend to promote a “bring your own data” model to their customers. But this model leaves one important question unanswered: is your data reliable? For most of the companies and industries we have served, the answer is “no.” Our partners provide highly accurate parcels, boundaries, building footprints, streets, traffic, POI’s, address and business point data to enrich your current database, thereby expanding your coverage.

To make informed decisions, businesses need quality and up-to-date information. That’s where data integration and data enrichment come into play.

If you’re using the best GIS platform available, your project deserves to be fueled by curated, high quality data.

Maximize your Data Integration and Enrichment

Every day, some of the largest companies in North America rely on Korem to make informed decisions and enhance their efficiency. Through our unique one-stop-shop experience, we drive the successful adoption of geospatial technology, while managing risk.

Korem has extensive experience integrating data and software from proprietary technology, systems and databases, thereby shattering data silos while maximizing the business insights that emerge from geospatial solutions.

We have the most diversified and experienced geospatial team in North America, providing expertise with all market-leading technologies such as ArcGIS, GeoMedia, MapInfo, Google, FME and many others. 


Test drive Precisely data in FGDB format

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