7 Most Common Pitfalls When Shopping for Geospatial Data

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Avoid Pitfalls During the Geospatial Data Acquisition Process

Data has now become a crucial tool for innovation within organizations, providing them with a competitive advantage within their market. Analytics teams and the infrastructure to support them has seen an exponential growth in the past decade, yet many organizations still struggle to procure the right, high quality data sets that are suitable for making confident, data-driven decisions.

Based on our 25+ years of experience guiding customers through the data acquisition process, we have compiled the top seven most common pitfalls that are overlooked by organizations during the data selection and buying process.

  1. Business objectives suffer from a lack of clarity.
  2. Misunderstanding that data products can be valued by comparing their list of attributes from vendor documentation.
  3. Disregarding the source of the data.
  4. More data doesn’t mean better data.
  5. Open-source data is free data.
  6. Underestimating the data integration complexity.
  7. Terms and conditions are often misunderstood and more restrictive than at first glance.

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